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Our College Coaching Solution 

In this one-on-one personal coaching program, we unleash every resource we have to ensure an optimal outcome for both students and parents. The expertise and guidance of every member of our team is utilized in our proven “sequence of success” Your investment in this high tech, high touch approach is designed to save you $$$ and give direction for your student!
Our College Coaching program is designed to make paying for college achievable without destroying retirement commitments; a reality many families find seemingly unattainable in today’s college process. Changes in a family’s financial structure may result in greater financial aid eligibility or “tax scholarships.” By finding the right schools, for the right reasons, and then doing detailed financial analysis to avoid “paying retail,” we can routinely save families 25% – 50% on the total cost of attendance. 

We work with the student to discover & assess the student’s strengths  and how that relates to the major the student is seeking. We accomplish that with the Birkman Assessment Method (click here) which evaluates 77 different scores revealing clear direction about career and majors that play to the student’s strengths. 

We will leave no stone unturned in identifying proven strategies to find cash flow that can be  redirected toward those “right fit” colleges and universities.  This program is ideally suited for business owners, professionals and highly paid executives that do not have the time to dive into all the complexities that will make a meaningful difference in the out-of-pocket costs for college. We will do all of that for you!

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